The Lineup

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020

The Event Lineup

Below are the sessions planned for our Lemonade event! Note that all session times are set for Eastern Time.

9:45AM ET


Get Juiced

Let’s start the day off with a little movement to get the blood flowing!  Don’t worry, nothing crazy – just some positive energy to

jump start the day.


Welcome, Every Day Counts: Start it Out Right

They say that how you start plays a big part in how you finish.  Let's talk about the intentional plan for your day!


The SECURE Act - Refreshingly Sweet and Sour

The “Straight to it” facts about the effects of the Secure Act on 401Ks and Retirement.

noon ET

An interview with Jack Newton

The Client-Centered Law Firm

Join us for a special interview with Jack Newton, CEO of Clio and Author of The Client-Centered Law Firm.  Providing a client-centered experience is not just a catch phrase.  It can help you improve your bottom line.

1pM ET

Katie Menning

Reimagining your Lunch Hour

They say sitting is the new smoking.  Time to explore some active ways to reclaim (or, actually take) a lunch break!

2pm et

LinkedIn Business Generation - How To Separate The Sweet From The Sour

Everyone is on LinkedIn, but what are they doing?  How can you get value from your team's participation on LinkedIn?

3pm et


All Juice, No Pulp - Business Relationship Building

5 Dynamic Speakers.  10 Minutes Each. 

Me, Myself, and I

Building Your Story

Leaving a Lasting Impression

The Value of Service

People Doing Business with People

4pM ET

Inviting Everyone to Dance

Diversity checks the box, but inclusion is the game changer.  It's not enough to invite people TO THE dance.

5pM ET

A Fresh Perspective on Leadership

Great leadership is a differentiator, and can help you achieve your goals.

6pm et

The Main Squeeze

The Bellamy Brothers, presented by Professor of Rock