2:00 PM | LinkedIn Business Generation – How To Separate The Sweet From The Sour

Presentation 5 Module 1


Everyone is on LinkedIn, but what are they doing?  How can you get value from your team's participation on LinkedIn?

Spencer X. Smith

Founder of ampliphi social media strategies

Spencer X Smith is the founder of social media marketing company AmpliPhi, and an instructor at the University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University. He was formerly a VP of Sales for two Fortune 100 companies. He’s been called a “Social Media Expert” by Forbes, and AmpliPhi is the winner of four consecutive (2016-2019) InBusiness Magazine Executive Choice Awards for Social Media Consulting Company. Spencer has spoken at over 250 events since 2015, including a presentation at the New York Stock Exchange in 2017. His book “ROTOMA: The ROI of Social Media Top of Mind” was featured in Forbes, and is an Amazon Bestseller.