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New Day. New Focus. Getting Things Done.

The last six months have been crazy. The next six months can be different. Alan Wilson & Debbie Foster will be joined by a talented group of people that will provide insight on running today's law firm - with just the right amount of focus on health & wellness, happiness & positivity - to make the best of the rest of 2020 and get us ready for 2021! Together let's get ready to make some lemonade!

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9:45 AM | Get Juiced & Every Day Counts Start Out Right

Presented by: Andrea Everage, Debbie Foster, & Alan Wilson

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3:00 PM | All Juice, No Pulp - Business Relationship Building

The Value of Service- Presented by April Campbell

People Doing Business with People- Presented by Alan Wilson

Building Your Story- Presented by Rich Wilson

Leaving a Lasting Impression- Presented by Jenna Carter

Me, Myself, and I- Presented by Judy Hissong

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Lemonhead Yellow Room

Meet the Lemonheads and keep the conversation going!!

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Chill Stand

Come on in and enjoy some chill music and chat with fellow Lemonaders.
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